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Come and join one of the best food tours of Italy that is run and guided by a foodie. When we say ‘get immersed in Italian food and wine’ we mean flour on your hands, cheeks that are sore from laughing & a belt that needs to be loosened a notch or two after an indulgent day of eating Italian cuisine.

This is an intimate small group food and wine tour with up to twenty people. This means we can spend more time eating, relaxing and living like a local as we explore the best places to visit in Southern Italy around the island of Sicily. It is a culinary tour with a focus on local cuisines.

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A FOOD TOUR run by an Italian local

Your experience starts from the very first website enquiry about a tour. Your tour guide Carmel provides a personal experience & makes it her mission to know each person by their first name & for you to feel like part of a family.

Come and learn why Italians are world famous as the masters of creating simple dishes that make every taste bud sing with flavour. Carmel helps you discover the secrets behind Sicily’s local cuisine that is hand crafted with abundance, using seasonally fresh produce, that is full of heart & satisfyingly authentic. It is no wonder this region has so many award winning dishes.

With inspiration from her Nonna’s kitchen, Carmel will surprise and delight you with opportunities to learn about her family’s authentic recipes that have been passed down by many generations.

It is a delicious mixture of stunning scenery, food, wine tasting and sun soaked locations that will leave you wanting more.

A food tour in Italy
with sightseeing

Soak up historical sights & eat great Italian food

The locations that we visit on our food tours include the flamboyant and feisty capital city of Palermo that is renowned for its architecture, pastry shops and street food.

We also venture to the medieval town of Erice with its historic castle, the gorgeous coastal town of Terrasini on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the historical 14th century town of Castelbuono (famous for its native Basilichi mushrooms and home to the world famous Fiasconaro Panettone) across to the region of Siracusa to explore the island of Ortigia and the 18th century towns of Baroque, Modica & Ragusa Ibla. 

It is a delicious mixture of stunning scenery, food, wine and sun soaked locations that will leave you wanting more.

A small group or private tour in italy

Pizza, pasta and seafood are just a sample of the diverse array of unforgettable food you’ll find on our tours that travel to some of the best places in Southern Italy.

As you will see from our reviews & Carmel’s social media profiles, her enthusiasm, passion and deep understanding of Italian culture is every bit as engaging as it is mouth watering. She is generous with her ideas and suggestions that are fuelled by a love of great food which makes life just that little bit more delicious. Her smile-inducing celebration of food connects people from all walks of life from around the world on a tour that feels like you are out with close friends. 

Our tours are not cooking classes, but you will get a chance to get your hands messy, create a dish and enjoy the fruits of your labour amongst friends & stunning backdrops. The recipes we create are uplifting, full of flavour using local seasonal ingredients and presented in a way that lets you play with them to suit your tastes. We love nothing more than seeing people get inspired to experiment with food and flavours.

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Most people will go on vacation to Italy and travel to the top tourist destinations like Rome, Venice or Florence. Although for travellers who want a more authentic experience, Sicily is a relatively unknown holiday designation in Southern Italy.

Espcape all the typical tourist traps in Northern Italy and come experience life like the locals and have a relaxing holiday in the sun with pleny of food.

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