Scacce Ragusane Street Food

Scacce Ragusane Recipe

Scacce are a typical street food of the region of Ragusa. They are rustic in shape and have a variety of fillings. They resemble lasagna with their layers of thin pastry in between delicious savoury ingredients.

Cassateddi Dessert

Cassateddi recipe ready to eat on a plate

They’re officially called sweet ravioli of ricotta or in Italian cassatelle. I come from the Ragusa region and we call these cassateddi. My friends from the Messina and Catania region call them Sciauni.

Sfingi Dessert

Sfingi Recipe

This simple dessert is one that I’ve always loved. Simple yet so so many different names and variations to it. our Calabrese neighbours even make them savoury! Sfingi in Sicily, Zeppole in Calabria, fritelle in Lombardia, Le Crispelle’ in Abruzzo and in Sardegna they’re called Frisciolas.