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A 7 day food tour of
Sicily, Italy

Indulge yourself in the Italian way of life, history, food and culture as Carmel takes you on an immersive culinary food tour in Sicily, Italy. 

The 2024 tour will travel to the best locations in the south of Italy from the beautiful seaside town of Ortigia to the historic city of Modica. 

This small group food tour takes you to some of the most popular locations in Southern Italy on the island of Carmel’s beloved Sicily.

When you are choosing a vacation destination in Italy there are not too many locations that remain unspoilt by modernisation or tourism. Sicily is one of those, making it ideal for the discerning traveler.

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what's included in our food tour of sicily, italy?

a culinary food tour in italy

Sicily is a place to visit in Italy where the mountains meet the sea. Carmel will help you explore this idyllic summer holiday island destination to experience a mix of food, wine, cooking, sightseeing & relaxing in the golden summer sunshine with its unspoilt coastlines.

Every moment of this tour of Italy has been perfectly chosen to create a beautifully balanced mix between leisure or travel time so that you can soak up the exquisite scenery and beautiful summer weather. It is a small group tour for those who love food and relaxation time on their holiday.

We know that each location we visit will have you wanting to eat everything you see & fill your phone camera with hundreds of photos. With more than 20 years experience as a restauranter you can trust Carmel to know the right places and people to give you a memorable travel experience – it is why so many foodies have written raving reviews about these tours.

"... I’d travelled to Sicily before, but Carmel provided a personal connection to our food tour experience by introducing us to incredible makers of gelato, pizza, pasta and restaurateurs throughout south eastern Sicily..."

Embark on a Sicily food tour where flavours and history intertwine, led by an expert guide. Traverse Vittoria’s lush vineyards, experience Ragusa’s ancient recipes, and indulge in Ortigia’s seafood delights. Savour Modica’s world-renowned chocolate, relish the fresh catch in Scoglitti, and explore Agrigento’s rich culinary tapestry. In Noto, taste artistry in every bite amidst baroque splendour. 

Every step is a journey through time; every flavour, a narrative of Sicily’s soul. Dive into a gastronomical experience where each meal transcends taste, weaving the rich, cultural fabric of Sicily into an unforgettable sensory symphony. 

Welcome to a tour where every bite tells a story.


What's Included in this food & wine tour in Sicily, Italy?

You get a chance during the tour to throw on a vibrant red Sicilian Food Tour apron to try your hand at rolling fresh dough to make a pizza, making cannoli, picking vine ripened tomatoes to make traditional sauce and more. Novice cook or experienced chef, this tour of Italy will appeal to anyone who loves food and wants to travel to Italy to tickle every taste bud & fulfill culinary dreams, escaping the world of mass produced, preservative laden shelf bought food.

Our small group tour let’s you absorb the history created within the different regions of Italy and the unique cuisines that hail from different villages or families. Every day we only eat the freshest, seasonal, produce that is sourced locally. Most holiday makers will know Sicily as a type of crossroad in the Mediterranean with its proximity to Algeria, Malta, Tunisia and Libya, it’s food and wine has an alluring, storied history with many influences.

2024 food tour Itinerary

Welcome to the fishing village of Scoglitti on the South Coast of Sicily. 

This tiny, coastal town will be our home for the first few days of our tour. Immerse yourself in the true Sicilian way of life. Brioche and granita for breakfast, afternoon gelatos, a stroll on the boardwalk down by the beach or just sitting in the piazza witnessing the timeless scene of the locals as they walk on by with their rich accents and animated gestures, their words carrying the weight of history and tradition.

We start our tour with a walk through town and we stop for our first sunset aperitivo followed by a feast for the senses, a seafood degustation at one of Scoglitti’s famous seafood restaurants.

Today we find out why cannoli and scacce reign supreme in Sicilian culture. We stop at the local pasticerria and hear all about these famous pastry shells filled with ricotta that has been mixed with a hint of citrus, vanilla and cinnamon. We fill cannoli and indulge in the different flavours while enjoying a smooth espresso coffee. 

We move on to Vittoria’s best bakery and here we savour the famous savoury pastry called scacce. Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make this Ragusane street food.

This evening we visit the cobblestone town of Ragusa Ibla. Ragusa Ibla is a captivating and historic district located in the city of Ragusa. Known for its charming medieval architecture, narrow winding streets, and picturesque views, Ragusa Ibla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports visitors back in time.

Perched on a hilltop, Ragusa Ibla is characterized by its stunning Baroque buildings, ornate churches, and quaint piazzas. The district’s architectural beauty is exemplified by the magnificent Cathedral of San Giorgio, a masterpiece that dominates the skyline with its grandeur.

Dinner this evening is at the Michelin Star restaurant Locanda Don Serafino, this restaurant has earned it’s place amongst the finest dining establishments in the region.

As we head to the East coast we stop for lunch at an enchanting winery in Noto. With a rich history dating back centuries, the winery boasts vineyards that benefit from the Mediterranean climate, fertile soils and cooling sea breezes.

After lunch, we visit the UNESCO heritage town of spectacular Noto, one of Sicily’s most beautiful towns, flanked by grandeur baroque palazzi and churches. 

When you step into Noto you’ll feel like you are on a movie set. Then onto the island of Ortigia (joined to the mainland by a bridge), also known as Città Vecchia, contains many historical landmarks including the Duomo di Siracusa. We dine in front of this spectacular Duomo by night. 

This piazza is one of my favourites in the whole of Italy.

We visit my cousin’s tomato farm on the outskirts of Scoglitti. Sicilian tomatoes are like sweet plums, a taste sensation you
will never forget. Walking through these Serre (hot houses) is definitely a unique experience.

Today we enjoy a traditional Sicilian Sunday feast at Carmel’s family home, where food and wine will be aplenty. A BBQ feast with the whole family where we enjoy Sicilian salsiccia and local salamis. Nonna Maria will demonstrate a few Sicilian classics like eggplant caponata and everyone’s favourite dessert sfingi (a type of Sicilian donut). 

Time to roll up your sleeves, join in and have some fun cooking or just sit back with an Aperol Spritz in hand and enjoy this traditional family Sunday.

Today we discover the beautiful Baroque Valley of Modica. Narrow lanes, alleys and staircases climb up the slopes on both sides of picturesque Corso Umberto. Always one of the favourites on our tours. We visit Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily founded in 1880. Here we taste a variety of chocolate and one of the best cannoliin Sicily.

Today we make our way to the region of Agrigento. One of Sicily’s most famous historical attractions is without a doubt the Valley of the Temples, just outside Agrigento city. The Valley of the Temples. This archaeological park consists of eight temples built between about 510 BC and 430 BC: 

  • Temple of Hera
  • Temple of Concordia
  • Temple of Heracles
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Temple of Castor and Pollux
  • Temple of Hephaestos
  • Temple of Demeter and the Temple of Asclepius. 

All are situated in the same area on rocky crests south of modern day Agrigento.

We stop and see the famous Turkish steps. This unique geological formation is renowned for it’s striking white cliffs that resemble a grand staircase, hence it’s name.

We visit my cousin’s tomato farm on the outskirts of Scoglitti. Sicilian tomatoes are like sweet plums, a taste sensation you will never forget. Walking through these Serre (hot houses) is definitely a unique experience.

On our final day we enjoy a traditional Sicilian Sunday feast at Carmel’s family home, where food and wine will be aplenty. 

A BBQ feast with the whole family where we enjoy Sicilian salsiccia and local salamis. Nonna Maria will demonstrate a few Sicilian classics like eggplant caponata and everyone’s favourite dessert sfingi (a type of Sicilian donut). Time to roll up your sleeves, join in and have some fun cooking or just sit back with a vino in hand and enjoy this traditional family Sunday.

DAY 6 | Tuesday 8th October - Catania

Departure day. Our Sicilian Food Tour concludes. Depart for Catania airport.

a food tour in italy with Amazing reviews

Carmel’s charm, planning and “personality plus” made our group of disparate travelers aged 23-80 happy and at ease throughout a creative, comprehensive and fascinating itinerary.

If you enjoy great food and wine, and a mix of history, culture, laughter and local color, this is the tour for you.

I’d visited Sicily before, but Carmel provided a personal connection to our experience by introducing us to her family and friends, who just happen to be incredible makers of gelato, pizza, pasta and restaurateurs throughout southeastern Sicily.

Having traveled with Tauck, Rick Steves and National Trust for Historic Preservation Group tours over the years, I can honestly say that Sicilian Food Tours far exceeded my expectations and may have spoiled me for more conventional group experiences henceforth.

Can’t recommend Sicilian Food Tours highly enough. Hat tip to Valter DiCecco for adding so much to our journey with his humor and chef expertise!

Donna B - Virginia, USA

The week that we spent with Carmel and her extended family was amazing! The food was incredible, the scenery spectacular, but what makes this tour a "not to miss" event is Carmel and her generous extended family.

All the Sicilians we met were warm and inclusive - I felt that we had made friends in a few short days. Having lunch at Zia Maria's place and playing handball with Sicilian teenagers that hardly spoke English, chatting to fisherman on the shore outside our hotel, meeting Carmel's numerous cousins at the bar - these are experiences that you will never get on a standard tour.

I cannot rate this tour highly enough! If you are reading these reviews then do yourself a favour and book-you won't regret it!

Sam - Brisbane Australia

Carmel's Sicilian Food Tour is truly outstanding. If you want to experience all Sicily has to offer ... it's history, culture, food, family life and fun then this is the tour for you !

You will make authentic Sicilian Food and then delight in eating the fruits of your labour. The small group allows a friendly fun filled tour and Carmel and her team put their hearts and souls into making sure everyone has the greatest time.

What makes this tour so very special is how you are so warmly welcomed by Sicilian families throughout the tour and how you become immersed in their lifestyle.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Sicilian Food Tours.

Bill Wareemba, Australia
a food tour in italy for food lovers

Culinary experiences
Unleash your senses on a culinary odyssey unlike any other, where the essence of Italy is captured, savoured, and celebrated in every bite. Sicilian Food Tours is orchestrated by your passionate host, Carmel, a restaurateur who is a bilingual Italo Australian, whose family is from the region of Ragusa in Sicily. This is not just your average Italy food tour; it is a meticulously crafted journey where every step, every aroma, and every flavour is a sonnet, echoing the rich tapestry of culture and history that defines this land.


Traditional food

In the heart of Ragusa, your food tour of Italy will feel like every alleyway whispers secrets of ancient recipes, and every dish becomes a narrative woven with flavours that dance gracefully upon the palate. With Carmel at your helm, you’re not just a visitor; you are an honoured guest being ushered into the soul of the city.


Mouth watering flavours

The elegance of Ortigia unfolds like a sonnet, where our Italy food and wine tour finds its melody. Here, the azure embrace of sea and sky crafts a backdrop where food and artistry unite, painting plates with colours and flavours as vibrant as the city’s illustrious history. When you say food and wine tour in Italy, it isn’t just a phrase, but an experience that lingers, echoing the passion of Sicilian chefs who craft every dish as a masterpiece.


Small group food tour

Among all the different small group food tours in Italy that are on offer, Carmel’s curated journey stands unparalleled. As you meander through Modica, renowned for its intoxicating chocolate and baroque splendour, you’ll swiftly realise this isn’t just a Sicily food tour, it’s a passage through time, where we marry history and gastronomy, crafting an experience as enduring as the architectural masterpieces that adorn the city.


Amazing dishes

Our food tour in Sicily finds its rhythm in the bustling fish markets of Scoglitti, where the fresh catch of the day becomes a canvas for culinary artistry. Every dish you get to eat becomes a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, echoing the untamed beauty of the landscape.


More than just a tour

In Agrigento and Noto these locales are not just stops on a typical food tour of Italy but gems where every bite is a narrative, and every aroma tells tales of empires, artists, and epochs that have graced this land.As one of the best tour companies in Sicily, Carmel’s Sicilian Food Tours offers more than a standard culinary tour package because our small group tour is like travelling with a family. It is intimate, small, private and you get to really immerse yourself in one of the best gourmet culinary tours of Italy. 

With Carmel, every one of her small group tours through southern Italy and Sicily become personal narratives, people can’t stop talking about them for years to come. Every meal is a celebration, every flavour a sonnet, and every guest, a cherished friend.

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