They say a child is raised not by one person but by a village and travelling with Carm on her Sicilian Food Tours exposed this truth for me.

We didn’t just taste Sicilian food and wine, we were plunged into authentic Sicilian life, openly embraced by Carm’s famiglia and her ‘village’. The experience has stayed with me every day since.

It was like travelling with a sister, who made me laugh and laugh and whose love of cannolli  has inspired a lifelong addiction… not to mention a love of spaghetti vongole.  

This trip is not just about restaurant meals, it’s about discovering the source of food we put on our plate. It’s about sharing the pure joy of food and wine together with friends. It’s a memorable journey that reminds you to celebrate. Grazie mille.

– Sarah

I had a fabulous time in Sicily.

Some absolutely wonderful scenery, the history is amazing... then the food... what can I say – fresh ricotta/still warm, tomatoes like I have never tasted before, a seafood banquet that we couldn't finish and the 10 course degustation dinner – to mention a few of the delights we encountered travelling with the lovely Carmel on the 2014 food tour!

Thanks for a great time Carm!

– Marilyn

Travelling through beautiful Sicily with Carmel and Gina was an amazing adventure and I can't imagine anything else comparing. 

Carmel's family and friends embraced us, welcomed us into their lives, hearts and homes with such warmth and passion it was truly something wonderful.

Two things you should know....

  1. Be prepared to make lifelong friends.
  2. Be prepared to laugh until you cry. Carmel and Gina are not just your guides they double as a Sicilian comedy duo. They are two very talented, funny women who will make your trip unforgettable.

I feel truly blessed to have experienced Sicily in such true Sicilian style and will cherish it always. Sincerest of thanks to you Carmel Ruggeri and Gina Milicia.

– Kellie

What an extraordinary tour aimed at thrilling the soul and the senses.

Carmel Ruggeri has managed to put together an extraordinary tour of her island that captures the essence of true hospitality and love.

She graciously opens the homes of her extended Sicilian family to you and makes you feel like you were a long lost beloved relative.

– Toula

You will laugh till you can’t breathe. You will eat till you regret not wearing your fat pants. You will see Sicilian sights that make your eyes weep.

Magic, magic, magic from start to finish. This is by far the BEST tour I have ever been on.

This is a tour you must bring your posse on. Sicilian Food Tours is more than just a food tour, its a memory you will take to your grave

If you want to go on a really really good foodie tour go with Carmel, my wife and I did the last tour and it was as good as it gets. You will see Sicily like a local not a tourist and go to places you would have no hope of seeing without a local like Carmel to guide you.

– Adrian